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Everything You Must Know About Metal Tube Bending

Metal Tube bending is a process that is used to reform any type metal like tubing metal, alloy, aluminium, titanium, and steel or piping into a certain shape or design. Tube bending can be done in a number of possible processes like heat induction, press bending, rotary bending and roll bending. The types of metalworking tools that are used in these processes of tube bending completely depends on the thickness and size of the metal. This process is typically used in construction, design, and manufacturing.

Innovative Maintenance Solutions have invested in cutting-edge metal tube bending machinery and tools to give ensure that are customers are given quality repeatable bends done accurately when they choose us. With an extensive knowledge in metal tube bending and having a large existing tooling library, there is just a little that Innovative Maintenance Solutions will fail to do. Having experience of many years in this field, we offer quality tube bending services to a number of companies in Melbourne, we’ve been now recognised as one of the most trusted and reliable metal tubes bending companies in Melbourne.

Metal Tube Bending

5 Tips for Perfect Metal Tube Bending Using a Pipe Bender

The thought of bending metal tube pipes can be really tricky—the slightest kink can send that expensive piece of copper straight to the tip. However, a few tips can help in bending metal pipes accurately and with ease:

  • Choosing a good pipe bending machine
  • Buy die sets of appropriate size
  • Know your metal – copper vs aluminium vs stainless steel
  • On a bit of scrap metal, test your machine
  • Attached the correct die to the machine

Not sure what type of pipe, machine, or conduit bender you need? And you feel it’s a hectic job to carry out? Fret not! Innovative Maintenance Solutions has your back as they provide cutting-edge metal tube bending services that can catering to any kind of gauges whether light or heavy, and all types of metals. Offering an extensive range of services on different metals, such as copper, brass aluminium, alloys and much more Innovative Maintenance Solutions is amongst the leading company providing cutting-edge bending services. We offer quality bending solution with expertise and assistance with your designs and ideas.

If you do not want to get into hassle of doing this tough process and need top-quality, affordable, and reliable metal tube bending that are customised according to your need, call us today. You can also drop us an email to learn about the comprehensive services that we offer to get started on your project right away!

IMS provides quality welding and fabrication services to facilitate all your metal engineering projects. Whether you are looking to customise, repair, or modify your property, our team of welders produce topnotch work that complies with Australian standards. We specialise in steel, aluminum, sheet metal, welding, tube bending, and section rolling.

Our range of welding and steel fabrications services include:

  • Steel fabrications (custom designs, structural fabrication)

  • Repairs, restoration, modification

  • Welding (aluminum, steel, stainless steel, and other metals)

  • Metal pressing and bending services

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