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Innovative Maintenance Solutions (IMS) is the best place to buy Bollards in Melbourne

Bollards are used for a variety of protection purposes in residential and industrial areas. When it comes to safety and you want to purchase bollards, choose IMS.

We keep in mind our customer’s needs first and always focus on giving you proper bollard solutions that will resolve your issues. From manufacturing to installation, we take care of everything.

IMS has been a consistent choice for bollard solutions for residential, Engineering Maintenance Solutions and business purposes over the years. We have become one of the industry’s best and most trusted brand.

We pre-scan the concrete prior to drilling to ensure there is nothing under the surface which a lot of other companies do not do!!

Have some requirements for parking bollards in Melbourne?

Installing parking bollards is a wise choice in every commercial parking space and we can install these at your home parking space too. IMS helps to find the best bollards and parking space protectors that perfectly fits your requirements.

What makes IMS stand out in the crowd?

Different customers have different needs, and one bollard is not the solution for all requirements. There are a range of purposes, some are:

• Guiding vehicles to parking spaces without collision
• Safeguarding pedestrians on the footpath
• Providing control of traffic entry
• Protection from damages due to vehicle impact
• Prevents theft from shops and home fronts
• Stops unauthorised access
• Protects shops from car smashes

To cater to the wide range of purposes, construction design, material and appearance of the bollard matters a lot. IMS considers each of these aspects before concluding what kind of bollard you exactly need.

IMS provides core drilled inground bollards filled with concrete. These can be customised if required. Call us at 0413 918 871 to speak to one of our bollard specialists for bollard solutions.

IMS specialises in manufacturing steel bollards in Melbourne and Commercial Kitchen Repair. We source steel from Australia’s best suppliers and design bollards ourselves. The demand for steel bollards is high as the metal is durable, tough and strong, corrosion-resistant, demands minimum maintenance, can be custom-designed and visually appealing.

We at IMS have worked with top tier clients from various sectors starting from cars parking, warehouse, retail outlets, industrial places to private residences, residential complexes, homes, etc.

Have a brief look at what you get from us:
• The perfect bollard solution
• Customised bollards as per needs
• Wide-ranging bollard choice
• In-house manufacture
• Best-quality bollards
• Products are always in stock
• Supply at the earliest
• Fast installation by our team
• Guaranteed after-sales service
• 100% professional work
• Made in Australia

Any time you are looking to buy bollards for personal or commercial use, Innovative Maintenance Solutions is the place for you. Whether you have personal needs, business needs or commercial needs, we provide the best answers to all your safety questions.

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