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Innovative Maintenance Solutions(IMS): Specialist in Metal Fabrication in Melbourne

IMS is the answer for all services required for Metal Fabrication in Melbourne and Building Maintenance Services in Melbourne. Our high-quality steel fabrication in Melbourne helps you achieve your desired level of design flexibility along with high-quality construction.

Thinking about installing a new gate in front of your home? Call us at 0413 918 871 and speak to our consultants for any queries.

IMS’ stainless steel fabrication solutions in Melbourne aim to provide you with long-lasting and durable material. Our stainless steel is sturdy, attractive, corrosion-resistant, and temperature-resistant.

Whether you have residential or commercial needs, IMS takes care of them while you relax. We have a vast stock of metal components and raw materials like metal rods, metal bars, metal billets, sheet metal, etc. to choose from.

IMS provides Aluminium Fabrication Services in Melbourne as well. Our Aluminium materials are quite flexible and lightweight. They are ductile and malleable and resistant to corrosion.

IMS’ steel fabrication services in Melbourne help you achieve the durability and safety you were seeking for a long time. With cost-effective and highly sustainable solutions, we provide the most customer-friendly solutions in the industry.

Quality Service On Stainless Steel Fabrication in Melbourne

IMS has over a decade-long reputation for delivering quality service on steel fabrication and stainless-steel welding in Melbourne. This metal has always been a popular choice due to its high durability, minimal maintenance, and glossy finished look of the metal. At IMS, we make sure that you get top-quality service with projects delivered on time.

We provide fully recyclable stainless steel that is highly sustainable as part of our Stainless-Steel Fabrication Services in Melbourne. IMS follows the most efficient techniques to produce high-quality stainless steel.

Best Service on Aluminium Fabrication in Melbourne

Using Aluminum for fabrication is another popular choice. The metal is lightweight and versatile; hence it is easy to customize and use. If you need Aluminum fabrication services, IMS is ready to help. We guarantee that you will get the best service as we take all troubles on our shoulders.

IMS provides you with the most cost-effective Aluminium fabrication services in Melbourne. Our Aluminium products are versatile and strong, and great conductors of electricity and heat.

Let us know what you want, and we will deliver right to your doorstep.

How does IMS work on a project?

We have a very precise step-by-step working process where different teams from design to fabricators work together until the project is completed.

Share your Designs

Send your designs to us along with the requirements. Our designers will have a look at them, estimate the feasibility and finalize the design.

Receive Quotation Immediately

We send a quotation immediately keeping your budget in mind. Nothing to worry about as we provide the services at an affordable price.

Cutting and Drilling

Our fabricators start working at the earliest. Hi-tech machinery like shears, punches, lasers, saws, plasmas, etc. is used for all cutting and drilling work.

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